Thursday, May 3, 2007

Short and Sweet @ NAFA

Lionel Chok's Dead Rite was a disappointment.

Accordingly, on the opening night this play was well received by the audiences, many cheered and laughed providing good remarks.

However on the 2nd night script writter Ovidia suddenly decideds to call-off the screening. According to organiser, Ovidia said "that was not what I wanted and this was the 1st time that I have watch it".

Can you imagine the script writer who was absent throughout the whole re-phrasal? She should have communicated her ideas well enough to the director to prevent this. What an embarrassing moment to the director and organizer.

I thought it was rather unfair to the actresses & actors and especially the director who had put in sleepless nights & effort practicing and rephrasing.

So many supporters/family members turned up empty handed.... they came but couldnt watch this play. anyway.. I have no chance to watch it too... and here's the info from the net:

“Dead Rites”
Written by Ovidia Yu. Directed by Lionel Chok.
Starring Rebecca Birch, Irene Ong and Ebi Shankara
Singapore's new policy to ensure its MPs (Material Presences) are not outnumbered by NMPs (Non-Material Presences) comes as a shock to spirits queuing for Hungry Ghost Month visas... Will our undead citizens continue to haunt us--or uproot themselves to go where the afterlife is freer and easier?